In Between Spaces

IN BETWEEN SPACES is an experimental video project that explores the notion of a communal gaze. This collaborative documentary follows 12 individual perspectives from within a community; and through their eyes a sense of objective reality emerges. The community is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

A community is something more than the sum of its parts. It is what happens in between the pathways pursued by its individual inhabitants. Each of us in a community has their unique interpretation of the whole. We each wake in a different room, witness different aspects of the day, different physical properties of our shared space. And yet there is a total story that emerges from that dissonance, there is a bond that fixes, an embrace the holds it all together. IN BETWEEN SPACES attempts one glimpse into a total picture. By removing one constant voice, and replacing it with the passing perceptions of individuals in consensus, the audience is allowed to travel through the channels of one community.

In the summer of 2011, four video cameras were placed in the hands of four people who filmed one hour of their lives over the course of 3 days. When their hour was up they handed the cameras on to four others of their choosing to repeat the process. This cycle happened once more and in the end, 12 hours of footage from the daily lives of individuals in Charlottetown was collected.

Millefiore Clarkes

The content of the footage was entirely up to each individual. However, the basic instructions attached to the cameras suggested an approach: film the wonderful in the ordinary. What catches your eye when you wake up? What does the walk to work look like? What do your friends talk about at one in the morning? How does the sunlight travel across your room? It is these intimate moments in a person's life, these fleeting seconds of intake where life comes rushing in - that is the objective of this project.

The Director/Editor Millefiore Clarkes then acted as the organizing principle (with the help of original music composed by Roger Carter) ordering and filtering these layers of perspective into a whole.

IN BETWEEN SPACES was produced as part of the Cultural Capital of Canada Film and Interactive Digital Media Program. This program was administered by The Island Media Arts Co-op, The Island Film Factory, this town is small inc., and the Interactive Media Alliance.

IN BETWEEN SPACES was funded by the Cultural Capital of Canada Program, The City of Charlottetown, InnovationPEI, and The Province of PEI.

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